Monday, August 16, 2010

They say that things happen for a reason ...

I took a mini-vacay to the ocean this past weekend. I love it there. I love the affect of the ocean on my overwhelmed nerves. Moments like those don’t happen very often, so I try to soak them up to the fullest extent. And when I do, boy, what a fine bath to bathe in. (xo Ali) :-)

On this particular trip, I discovered that I need to get away as much and as often as possible. I need to try to relearn myself and what I’m all about, because lately … I’ve been losing myself; losing my way. I’ve been spending too much time working around other people’s schedules, making sure that everybody else is ok, when I am not. And I did that, somewhat, on this “vacay” as well. But I learned what I do and do not want to do anymore … and that’s a lesson that I need to live by. I just gotta trust my heart, instead of my “infected (to an extent)” brain.

It’s destined to be. It’s all that I think about. It’s gonna hurt some people that I love, but if that is the price for my own happiness? Well, so be it.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am now on TUMBLR ...

I simply cannot bear to get rid of my blogger site, because there are SO MANY awesome memories stored here. If you are on tumblr, please follow me at:

I would love to have more followers, more friends and more wonderful memories!!

Thank you for being a friend! (gosh I love Betty White)