Monday, November 23, 2009

Listen Louder

from the moment i turn the dial
til the time i turn it off
what's exuding in between
is some mind blowing stuff

it's a rhapsody of tunage
unlike anything you've heard
that renders your ears powerless
unable to deter

from the first strum of the guitar
to the last wallop of the drum
from your first glimpse of lyric
to the last verse of the song

it will take you on a journey
deep into your soul
rattling away the negativeness
that forever takes its toll

there are songs about change
and songs about love
there are songs about closure
songs about rising above

it's about finding a better version of you
not caring what 'they' think
because 'they' can't hear you anyway
over the thunder that 'they' make.

the next time they talk and talk and talk
and try to one up you with their 'power'
turn up the music in your soul full blast
and force them to Listen Louder